Veronica – Movie Review


For a while now, I have been suspicious about so called “scariest thing ever seen…” type comments about films on Netflix. Every now and then, posts pop up on social media saying things like this:


Comments like “So scary viewers can’t finish it” may make you think that there’s a brand new horror out there that is genuinely scary. But here’s where my dubiousness rears it’s head…all the articles are talking about how horrific it is…..yet view any comments by real people underneath and they tell a different story. People slating the film as one of the worst they have ever seen, saying it’s not remotely scary etc.

Unfortunately I read the comments that people were making AFTER watching Veronica!

Last night, after a viewing of Red Sparrow at the cinema (click here to see my review of that) I went back to my mate’s house and with his fiance we started to watch Veronica. We had seen the “Scariest movie ever” comments from articles online and thought it would be fun to watch in Surround Sound on Netflix and really get into it.

Oh how wrong we were.

Veronica is a supernatural tale of four siblings, one of which is called Veronica who are left to their own devices when their mother works long hours, leaving the titular character to effectively bring up her younger relations herself. One night however, her friends and her decide to dabble in a Ouija board (remember those, from every other shit film where the Ouija Board is the main character?). Naturally things go wrong and shit starts to hit the fan.

The problem is that the “shit” happens to be the entire rest of the movie!

It’s a Spanish film, subtitled for us non-Spanish speaking film watchers. It was directed by the same guy who brought us “[REC]”, a truly scary, fairly original horror.

But this film offers nothing original at all.

It’s a generic Ouija Board story about possession and a young girl seeing things, kids being in danger etc etc etc etc etc etc etc…you know how it all goes.

The only thing that this has going for it is that it was supposedly based on a true account of paranormal going-ons. That’s the only thing that gives the film any legitimacy at all.

It’s so unoriginal, I found myself pre-empting set pieces long before they played out on the screen and when the antagonist finally shows itself, it’s just not scary at all.

I have seen more horrifying episodes of Supernatural than this!

Don’t waste your time…but more importantly, don’t believe bullshit articles claiming that anything is the most talked about, the scariest or anything at all that has printed!

Rating: 2/10

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