Welcome back!

Yesterday, something came back into my life…a true love…something I have been without for way too long. 

I embraced it with open arms and will never let it go again…

Welcome back…Cineworld Unlimited Card!

Yup I got rid of it a while back but oh it felt so good to have it back. 

The reason? The price. 

So the card is normally worth about £202 but it gives you unlimited access to all films at Cineworld and 10% off all concessions. 

But even better was the fact that our company perks website sells the year long pass for just £144…that’s just £12 a month…..but wait…there’s more…last month we bought Virgin Broadband through the same perks website…and they gifted me 10,000 “WOWPoints” which equates to £100 on the site….so yesterday I paid just £44 for an entire year of cinema…

So it needed christening right? And what better way than going to Xscape in Castleford to see The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2. 

This is film #1312

After a pretty slow Part 1, this instalment had got a lot to fit in it if it wanted to be faithful to the books…and it didn’t disappoint at all. 

We find Katniss ready to launch a full scale war on the Capitol, seeking to bring down Snow…but Snow is ready and ladens the whole area with traps to stop the onslaught. 

What ensues is a battle of good vs evil where good may not actually be as good as they seem. Can anything be justified in war? 

The story twists and turns and ties the whole story up perfectly.

I remember seeing the trailer for the first Hunger Games film and managing to read the books before any of the films were released. The books are fantastic and the films are equally awesome. 

Looking forward to being able to watch them all back to back now…anyone know when the Blu Ray is out? 
Oh….and I booked tickets for another film next Sunday…any guesses…?


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