Don’t be a Homer!

So there’s a film coming out tonight…just a small continuation of a tale of good vs evil, of family and friends, of Wookies and Robots. 

Yup…Finally it’s here.

Star Wars : The Force Awakens

The hype surrounding the blockbuster has been huge. Will Disney sell out and clear ten new Jar-Jar like characters just so they can sell millions in Merchandise, or will the force thrive through into the new generation of films. 

There’s been speculation everywhere. Where is Luke Skywalker? Will they kill anyone off? Who will get to say “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” first?

Millions of people will be heading to their cinemas tonight from Midnight and over the next few days to see the film in all it’s cinematic glory…

…I won’t be seeing it until 9:50am on Sunday morning. 

That’s a whole 3 days after release. 

So how do I avoid spoilers? Obviously I won’t be clicking on any links on Facebook to stories about the film, I won’t be reading Twitter feeds about it. I certainly will be telling every single person I meet over the next 72 hours that “I ain’t seen Star Wars yet…don’t say a word” even if I know they ain’t seen it…they might just know. 

Even Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker himself) tweeted earlier that Loose lips sink ships and urged everybody to not be a Homer and give away no spoilers. 

“Being a Homer” relates to the scene in The Simpsons where, in a flashback, Homer and Marge have been on a date to see Empire Strikes Back and as they exit the cinema past lines of fans queuing to go in and see it, Homer exclaims  “Wow! Who would have ever guessed Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father?”

So here we go. 

  • I have removed Twitter from my iPhone
  • I will only be going on Facebook in the next 24 hours to sort out my Leeds United Football Prediction League and will be looking at nothing on my timeline. 
  • I will ignore any message that pops up on Facebook chat from anyone. I have turned notifications off so I won’t even see them. 
  • I won’t open any email which may even have the slightest inkling to anything Star Wars related. 
  • I will be monitoring text messages by only looking at them glancingly to ensure nothing is hidden in there. 

Facebook is going to be quiet without me folks…but rejoice!

Do the decent thing…if you do go see Star Wars at any point, then keep it quiet. Respect others might not have seen it yet and we might all just get through this as friends. 😘👌

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