Shout, shout, let it all out

So we’re onto Day 2 of my Social Media blackout all with the aim of avoiding spoilers for Star Wars. 

I’m actually finding it tricky not to just pop into Facebook when I want then it got me thinking…why do I pop into Facebook and refresh the latest posts so often? 

It’s basically being nosy. It’s that desire to know what’s going on in the world and with everyone else’s lives. I’ve got friends from all over the world so I get a good view of Australia, Canada and USA from through their eyes. 

I think it’s that that I am missing. Maybe I should start curtain twitching and spying on the neighbours to satisfy my own needs. 

The other side of things obviously is my own self ego. I’m very much an active poster on Facebook and not being able to shout about things like the Award I won at work on Thursday, or indeed the fact that thanks to Ryan at work I’ve finally watched True Romance for the first ever time and loved it is actually really annoying me. 

So just a whole of Saturday to go…

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