Wreck It Ralph – Film #1,194

Disney have done it again. Following the massive success of the Toy Story Trilogy, with its all-round appeal to kids and adults alike, along comes Wreck It Ralph, the story of Ralph (Voiced by John C. Reilly) an arcade game character from 30-years ago, living inside the Fix It Felix game as the bad guy who wrecks everything in sight before being beaten by Felix, controlled by whoever has stuck a Quarter into the machine…

…but Ralph has had enough!

Long days of wrecking things and never getting any recognition for it has taken it’s toll on Ralph and after a trip to Game Central Station, and a chance meeting with a character from the Hero’s Duty first person shooter gifts Ralph the opportunity to go into another game and earn his medal that will make him more accepted by everyone back in his own game. Here he meets Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) and causes enough carnage to cause problems for everyone by infecting Sugar Rush, a sweet, candy-infused Karting Game.

In Sugar Rush, Ralph befriends Venellope Von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a lovable “Glitch” in the game who dreams of one thing…competing in the Kart race that happens each night to determine which characters make it onto the game the humans play int he arcade.

With Fix It Felix closed due to Ralph leaving, and the world of Candy Rush in peril, it’s up to Ralph to stop the evil King Candy turning Venellope’s life upside down.

Disney absolutely nail every aspect of this film. The 3D is fantastic and every character is perfect. Sarah Silverman’s Venellope is on par with Boo from Monster’s Inc in the cuteness stakes and its her comedy that brings a lot of humour to the film. Reilly’s Ralph is the lovable bad guy who’s really a good guy (who’s good at being bad) and you find yourself rooting for him the entire film.

There’s plenty of gaming references in there for everyone to appreciate with Cameos from some of the most iconic game characters ever, along with some very well placed product-placement.

One of the most fun, energetic, innovative and emotional films I have seen in recent times. This is one for EVERYONE. Kids will love the cuteness, adults will love all the retro gaming references too.

The film doesn’t officially come out until February, but we saw it on a free preview thanks to Show Film First.

Make sure you see this when it’s released

Click Here To Watch Trailer


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