#1193 – Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt2

Not being a teenage girl with “boy troubles”, Twilight never really appealed to me in the early days. I watched the first one just because my little sister told me to, and it was one night when I literally had nothing to do…and in all honesty, I thought it was exactly what I expected it to be…teenage angst rubbish, with a moody cow in the lead, making underage girls the world over swoon over a poorly acting Robert Pattinson.

But as the series progressed, it took a turn I wasn’t expecting…suddenly I was actually looking forward to the next film coming out. The battle between good and evil, vampire and wolf, buff Jacob and pigeon-chested Edward became more thrilling and exciting. Where would Bella turn? Would she give up her mortal life? Would she EVER smile?

Then Breaking Dawn Part 1 came along and all of a sudden the films seemed a lot more grown up, after all, the teenage girls who fell in love with the series had now approached adulthood, so the story could change slightly. Gone were there slushy stuff…we were launched into full sex scenes! Business, as they say, was picking up.

We left the story hanging at the end of Part 1. Bella had given birth to a child she’d been carrying for all of two minutes, almost dying in the process. The only way for her to be saved was to be turned by Edward into a blood-sucker…so it was done…and then there was dear old Jacob, casting his protective fur over Renesmee by “Imprinting” on her, a sort of wolf bodyguard for life.

And so we arrive at Part 2 with the opening of Bella’s red eyes, seeking out blood to satisfy her cravings. The Cullens are now very protective over Renesmee, sure that the new-born Bella will want to kill her own New Born. But Bella soon has to realise that she can’t just be gobbling down the flesh of anything or anyone.

But the happy life is quickly thrown into disarray following a traitor in the Vampire world betraying the Cullens to the Voltari, the heads of the Vamp world who were still seething from their earlier missed attempts at ripping the Cullens apart. The Voltari will not allow an immortal child to be born, so off they trot from their homes to end everything once and for all.

The Cullens won’t go down without a fight though, so set about tracking down friends who can attest to the fact that Renesmee was born whilst Bella was still human. This ultimately brings in a whole bunch of characters who look like they were lifted straight out of the Puffin Book of Stereotypes! There’s the two Amazonian women, dressed like…well…Amazonians, there’s the Irish family with their flat caps and Ginger hair and there’s the English guy, unshaven, long haired etc etc…

When everything comes together, the epic battle as seen in the trailer is truly thrilling…but will everyone make it out alive?

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire film, although I was always seemingly waiting for the battle to take place and most of what went before could have been put aside. I still don’t think there was any real reason to split the final book down into two two-hour films, when one three hour one would have been sufficient, but it still kinda works.

There’s plenty of humour, particularly towards the beginning, and as everything builds towards that final confrontation, it doesn’t disappoint.

Twilight started off as a series I would call Twi-shite, but it has definitely now become Twi-terrific.


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