Page 1/365 Re: 2013

Well here we go again. Another 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months etc for all the more fun and shenanigans to be had.

Firstly a quick look back at 2012. A year dominated by wedding planning and saving, lack of “abroad” holidays, time spent with friends and family and just a generally “nice” year with no traumas, one TV appearance (Total Wipeout) and another one filmed (Tipping Point). There’s been the national highs of public events like the Olympics and of course the Jubilee…a weekend which will forever be remembered amongst our friends as having me walking the streets of Pentre Bychan in Wales wearing a Union Jack Onesie singing God Save The Queen.

2013 came in amongst pain…well, a painful foot. A huge blister on my right foot which Elle lanced and caused me agony all New Years’ Eve!

But 2013 is here…and what plans we have!

In chronological order : January will contain going to the theatre to see Blood Brothers, a show I know little about. February will be Train at the O2 Academy, followed by my Stag Do, the it’s Elle’s Hen Do. Then we’re getting married, then the Honeymoon in Vegas. Throw in tickets to see Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi, another two weddings to attend and much more, and 2013 is shaping up to be a busy one.

So here we are on Page 1…and what has today brought?

Firstly, my foot was still killing so I have up my attendance at the Leeds game. Didn’t think it would do it much good. Leeds won 1-0 with a Becchio penalty…which was nice as I had a fiver on it so bagged £155.

We have watched waaaaaay too many episodes of 24 today, finishing off Season 6, through Redemption and the first 6 episodes of Season 7! Elle is now only 5-4 up in the “Guess the time” game on the breaks on the episodes after I bagged two today!

Plans have been made for every Wednesday to go swimming. It’s the start of the big Wedding health push. We will be back to Slimming World next week too. My weight has spiralled out of control over the Christmas period so I need to reign it back in ASAP.

I am going to do this every day for this year…the most important and fun year ever!

Bring it on!

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3 Responses to Page 1/365 Re: 2013

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    Blood Brothers is excellent. I hope you enjoy it when the time comes. Also take the time in your wedding day to savour every moment of it as it will fly by. Trust me.

  2. Elle Davies soon to be Woollin says:

    2013 is going to be the best year yet!!!! I can’t wait!!!

    And for the record my lancing of said blister was not the cause of your pain. Thankfully we have avoided amputation and I’ve burnt off a few extra calories running round after you today… Every cloud and all that 🙂

    Love you all the world

    Miss D soon to be Mrs W xxx

  3. Shane says:

    Blood brothers is epic, have a great 2013.x

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