Horror Month – The Omen ♥♥♥♥♥

Throughout October I will be attempting to watch 31 horror movies, one per day for the month. I will be trying to watch as many ones I haven’t seen as possible.

First up….

1/31 The Omen

Yes the simple story of the devil child. Done so many time after this, but having watched this for the first time, the original was definitely the best.

Officially the first ever Gregory Peck film I have seen too, this was a creepily horrific delight. There were moments of genuine suspense, and almost all the death scenes were of the highest class of cinema mortality.

I actually gasped in awe at a few of them, not because of what happened, but how it was done. To say this film was released in 1976, the quality and effect of practical special effects is still so good that this horror fan was truly taken aback by some of them.

I have heard people say “it’s not as good as The Omen” before…. And now I know why.

Great acting, spot on suspense and a genuine sense of dread every time Damien is present.

A great start to the month of horrors!

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