Downton Abbey Binge Watch Season 6

Season 6

Episode 1

This is it…. The last season!


A hut is happening. Lord Grantham is ignoring his hospital visits.

A woman is hanging around noone knows.

Mrs Hughes and Carson don’t have a wedding date yet.

Mrs Patmore guesses something is wrong with her. She is worried about sex. She asks Mrs Patmore to speak to Carson.

Anna is crying on the stairs. She thought she was pregnant but wasn’t. She thinks she is unable to have kids.

Mary falls off her house whilst looking at the odd woman.

The Yorkshire County hospital wants to. Take over Downton’s hospital

The woman approaches Mary. She was a chambermaid in the hospital when Mary stayed there with Gillingham. She wants £1000

Thomas has been entertaining the kids.

Grantham mentions to Carson that he needs to think about reducing the staff numbers.

Mrs Patmore goes to speak to Carson but struggles to ask properly.

The woman blackmailing Mary poses as a maid from another house. She gets into Mary’s bedroom. She threatens with the newspaper story again. Anna comes and escorts her out. Her name is Bevan.

The police come. Another woman has confessed to Mr Green’s murder but Anna isn’t sure.

The farm and house that Daisy often goes to work on is going to be sold.

Mrs Patmore eventually tells Carson and he wants the “full marriage”

The woman turns up again but Mary isn’t home. Lord Grantham speaks to her and ends up paying her off. It’s then revealed he only gave her £50 as he threatened to go to the police about her. Grantham is actually proud of his daughter for standing up to her.

Lady Violet winds up her maid by suggesting that if there’s the staff cuts she is gossiping about, she will get fired.

There’s an auction at the Mallerton House. The Henderson who have bought the house are there. Daisy goes to speak to them about the farmers they are getting rid of. Lord Grantham tells her to stop but she carries on. Mr Henderson says that she has not helped her cause.

The police turn back up. The confession is real and Bates and Anna are free! Bates is thankful to Moseley and Baxter.

All the family are really happy about the acquittal and break open the booze, toasting them all downstairs.

Carson mentions sacking Daisy but Cora talks him into just giving her a telling off.

Episode 2

Rose is living in New York.

A Mr Finch turns up to speak to the agent. Mary takes charge.

Moseley speaks to the school headmaster. He gets some old exam papers for Daisy.

Thomas is worried about being fired. He keeps trying to help out with Andy but he can already do everything. He goes for an interview but realises the world is changing.

Mary offers Carson the house for their wedding reception. She then offers to take Anna to hospital in London to see about the surgery she had.

Mrs Hughes doesn’t want the wedding at the house. Carson tells Mary but she insists it will be.

At a livery fair, Marigold goes missing. Lady Drewe has taken her back to her house. Grantham agrees that they have to sever ties with the Drewes

Episode 3

Anna is pregnant. Once she gets to 12 weeks she will go for the procedure.

Lord Grantham is getting his chest pains again.

Edith runs into Bertie Pelham in London and agrees to go for a drink with her.

Thomas goes to look at another house but everything is very dilapidated now.

Edith sacks her editor and therefore cannot meet properly with Pelham. He agrees to go with her back to the office to help out.

The police come to see Spratt. His sisters son has been in prison. He has recently escaped and is on the run.

Mrs Patmore ordered a dress for Mrs Hughes but it wasn’t great. Anna mentions it to Mary who looks to try to sort a dress out for Mrs Hughes.

Cora returns home to catch Mrs Hughes, Anna and Mrs Patmore trying on her clothes. She isn’t happy, fueled by the problems she is having with arguments with Lady Violet abiut the hospital. Mary goes to speak to her mother about it.

Cora brings Mrs Hughes the outfit.

Carson and Mrs Hughes get married. Yay!

Brandon turns up with little Sybil for the wedding and says he would like to stay back for good.

Episode 4

The arguments rage on about the hospital. Lady Violet doesn’t want the Hospital to be handed over but others do.

Gwen comes back to Downton with her husband. She is now Mrs Harding. She refuses to tell Mary who she is when she asks if she recognised her. Thomas notices.

Branson obviously notices and Mary sees him talking to her. Thomas drops the bombshell at dinner to everyone.

Gwen talks fondly about Sybil and their secrets from the early series. She speaks fondly of her.

Gwen goes down to say hello to everyone in the kitchen.

Anna starts to get some sharp stomach pains. She starts to panic about the baby. They need to get to the doctors. Anna won’t tell Bates but they pretend something is wrong with Mary.

Daisy is adament at having a go about the farmer being moved along.

Upstairs Cora is wanting to give the farm to Mr Mason.

Daisy storms upstairs but Lord Grantham stops them and tells them her the news that Mr Mason will be getting the farm.

Lord Grantham continues to struggle with his stomach and chest.

Anna hasn’t lost the baby. The doctor is optimistic that the procedure he has done will help her.

Bates figures out what Anna. Has been hiding and is really happy. The Carsons return home (we will carry on calling her Mrs Hughes).

They agree to be Carson and Mrs Hughes to. Make life easier.

Carson slips off to check his room. He has moved out of the house he has lived in for years.

Episode 5

Lady Violet tells Lord Grantham she wants Neville Chamberlain, the minister for health to come to Downton as he tours the North.

Mrs Baxter is called to be a character witness in a trial for someone from her past. When she got there she didn’t need to stand as the defendant changed his plea to guilty.

Andy wants to learn about the pigs with the farmer.

Lady Violet sacks Her maid after its reported back to her that she called the doctor a traitor.

Branson notices that Mary and Henry Talbot are making excuses to see each other and just basically tells them to get together.

Edith and Pelham kiss.

Lord Grantham is not looking forward to the coming meal with Chamberlain. He isn’t feeling too great.

Thomas finds out Andy can’t read despite hiding it. Thomas offers to help him learn.

The Chamberlain meal arrives. Lady Violet moves around the seating plan.

Neville Chamberlain arrives. Lady Violet argues with him at the dinner table.

Lord Grantham looks ill.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT Lord Grantham suddenly jumps up and spits blood everywhere. His ulcer has burst and needs urgent medical attention.

Everyone waits around at the house for news of Lord Grantham. He has had an operation but will be alright.

Mary overhears something being talked about by Lady Violet and Cora. She pieces things together and realises about Edith and the child.

Episode 6

Lord Grantham is laid up in bed. They are planning on opening the house to the public.

Henry Talbot begins to woo Mary. They kiss after she tells him the reason she doesn’t want to watch the car racing is because of the fact Matthew died in a car.

The open day happens and its clear the family don’t actually know that much about half of the things in the house.

Baxter gets a letter from the guy who got sent down asking to see her.

A young lad gets into Lord Grantham’s room.

Lady Violet is mad with Cora for everything regarding the hospital.

Mr Bates is always moaning about Mrs Hughes cooking and housekeeping.

Episode 7

Henry Talbot has invited the family to London to watch him racing.

Mrs Patmore has opened up a B&B.

Baxter can’t decide what to do about meeting Coyle. Moseley keeps telling her not to but she can’t decide.

They all go to the racing. Edith new female editor joins them.

Talbot is making it clear he wants Mary.

Andy struggles to read. The headteacher invites him to come to help.

As Talbot races, him and Rogers are neck and neck as there’s a big crash. Charlie Rogers’ car is on fire. Talbot tries to get him out but can’t and Rogers dies in the fire.

Moseley passed a test to be a teacher at the school. Thomas is upset. He has been trying to get out for so long but hasnt been able to make it.

Mrs Hughes hurts her arm. She tells Carson he can cook and she will talk him through it. She loves ordering him around.

Henry phones Mary and says he needs to know if she will be with him. She says no that they ain’t right. Branson catches her. She says she was glad that it when she found out the other guy died and not Talbot. Branson tries to talk her around.

Bertie Pelham ask Edith to marry him. She asks if she can bring Marigold with her. He says she can.

Someone is watching Mrs Patmore’s comings and goings from the B&B.

Lady Crawley brings a letter from Lady Violet who has gone travelling. Spratt is bringing a present over. Its down in the Servant hall. It’s a new dog!

Wait…. When did Isis die? Oh shit… When Lord Grantham and Cora let Isis into bed with them at the end of Season 5 episode 7, that was the dogs death… Now I feel sad!

Episode 8

The police come to talk to Mrs Patmore about the guests she had in the B&B. They were having a dodgy affair and now the hotel. Has got a bad name already.

Daisy has passed all her exams.

Pelham’s cousin has died. Edith has invited him over. Pelham has now inherited a title which means Edith will outrank everyone.

Edith is worried though that he won’t now want her.

Mrs Patmore is called Beryl! That’s the first time I have heard her name mentioned! There’s a reporter watching the B&B and they are having cancellations coming through.

Mr Moseley goes to the school to teach for the first time.

Talbot turns up… Branson knew he was coming. Mary is acting funny around him.

At the table, Mary pushed Edith into telling Pelham that Marigold is her daughter. Pelham isn’t happy that Edith didn’t trust him enough and he leaves.

Edith has a go at Mary, calling her a bitch 😱😱😱

Thomas is found in a bath having tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists.

Moseley finds common ground with the kids and everything starts working out well. Daisy overhears him.

Lady Violet returns home and tells Mary to make peace with Edith and herself. She had been summoned by Branson.

Carson and Lord Grantham feel guilty for what happened to Thomas and want to ask him to stay.

Mary writes for Henry to come back. They get back together.

Mary and Henry are set to be married.

Episode 9 – the Finale

Well here we are. Almost 50 hours of Downton comes down to the final episode.

Edith offers Spratt a larger column in the magazine.

Andy asks Mrs Patmore about if Daisy is interested in men.

Mr Moseley is offered a bigger job at the school.

Carson is seen shaking as he handles a cup of tea.

Thomas is leaving at the weekend. The family are going to meet Pelham’s family so they all say goodbye to Thomas.

Carson is struggling. He has Palsy, causing his hands to shake. It’s a condition in his family.

Pelham’s mother causes a few awkward moments with Pelham.

Thomas goes to work at a new house with only another couple of members of staff.

Edith and Pelham’s engagement is announced.

Times shifts to Christmas.

Rose turns up with Aldridge. She has left the baby back in America.

Moseley is back at the house whilst it’s the school holidays.

Anna is ten days away from giving birth.

Carson has told Lord Grantham and Mary he will be stepping down after the wedding..

Talbot and Branson buy a car showroom together.

Rose takes Lord Grantham into town to show him Cora at work talking to the people about the hospital.

Daisy sneaks off to Cora’s room to borrow the new hairdryer. She wants a new hairstyle for the wedding. She starts cutting her owm hair. She makes a complete mess of it.

Anna sorts it out for her. And Andy likes her! He takes a lock of her hair! Awwww

Edith’s wedding arrives in the house… Anna is feeling a little warm…… I bet I know where this is heading….

Carson continues to struggle with pouring. Thomas turns up and offers his services. Lord Grantham asks Thomas to be the Butler and tells Carson that he will continue to be paid to stay home in retirement.

I love how everyone forgives Thomas for all the shit he has caused over the years haha.

Anna goes to see Mary and her waters break. The baby is coming and there’s no time to go anywhere. She will have the baby in Mary’s bedroom.

The farmer chats up Mrs Patmore. Daisy arranges to go work at the farm too.

Edith throws the bouquet and it’s caught by the woman who has been chatting Branson up all day.

Anna has had the baby. They have a little boy. Bates is happy.

It’s New Years Eve and everyone is set to see the new year in.

Lady Violet hands over the hospital to Cora.

Everyone is happy everywhere. They all.sing Auld Lang Syne


And that’s it…. The entire collection of Downton in just over a week! Wow

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