It’s a Wonderful Life – Film #108

Angel wings or olden days nonsense?


This film is now 72 years old. I am 37 years old. This film is almost twice as old as I am….and this is the first time I have ever watched this absolute delight!

I don’t need to tell you all what its about or what happens, most of you know this already…in fact I knew bits and I kinda already knew the ending…but wow….let me confess this now…there were tears of joy at the end.

James Stewart is absolute perfection on screen. His voice, his look, his overall presence was just something magical and appealing, even when he’s being a bit of a dick at times…there’s certainly a few things through the film that make you think he isn’t worth saving, but hey, it’s Christmas!

This is easily in my top 5 Christmas films of all time…I am just annoyed that it’s taken this long to finally enjoy it.


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