Green Book – Film #104

Deep South, or gone South?

Green Book

A while back, Viggo Mortensen was hot property. On the back of the Lord Of The Rings films and A History Of Violence, he was set to take on the world then never really set everything alight.

Now here he is in one of the films of the year.

The story is an Italian New Yorker (Mortensen) has been working little quick jobs to earn money for his family. One day, classical pianist Mahershala Ali tasks him with a simple job, to drive him on a simple tour of America for 8 weeks…in the Deep South. Naturally the two of them clash as different sides of the track come together. But as they venture on their journey, and the pianist faces discrimination along the way, they are brought closer together.

Everyone in this film is great. Mortenson is spot on and Ali comes across great, whilst hiding the fear behind his eyes.

Also to think that this is directed by Peter Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers who is more known for gross-out comedies, it really shows that he can turn his hand to anything.

Its based on a true story and very much highly recommended


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