The Grinch – Film #99

A good miserable, or a miserable bad?


Everyone’s favourite Christmas misery is back…no, not Scrooge….OK, maybe everyone’s second favourite Christmas misery is back….the Grinch.

Its been 18 years since Jim Carrey donned the rubber face to cover his…erm…rubber face for Ron Howard’s live action working of Dr Seuss’s 1957 book.

This time, the Green Grump is back in full animation, with polished edges, brought to you by the studio that gave us Despicable Me, and those yellow things.

Benedict Cumberbatch is behind the voice of the Grinch, with Pharrell Williams as the Narrator.

I really enjoyed this movie, and the atmosphere in the cinema was really good too so it was clear everyone was having a good time. It was very funny in parts and really well done.

Cumberbatch carried most of the film himself, having a non-speaking sidekick of a dog. He did really well and it never felt like the Grinch was on screen too much. At 86 minutes, it felt like just the right length.

Its not a spoiler to say that this is a Grinch story, sticking with the story’s ending, so you can always figure out where its going to go and its satisfactory when it ultimately gets there.

One of the elements I loved was the gadgetry involved in the film that The Grinch used in order to “steal Christmas”. It was ingenious at times and a clever use of what animation can do.

It’s fast approaching Christmas and this is the perfect film to get you into the mood for it. Its smart and clean and very much worth a watch.


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