Overlord – Film #98

Overlord or Underwhelmed?


Sometimes a trailer jumps out and gives you a certain feeling for how a film is going to play out.

Overlord is a film I had seen the trailer for numerous times over the previous few weeks.

Here’s the trailer…before you read on…watch it and have a think about what you think the film will be like:

Every time I have seen that trailer, my thought have been expressed through a snigger and a “That’s going to be so shit it’s going to be barely watchable…but I will watch it”.

Tonight I watched it.

So here goes…


Yup, one of the biggest surprises of the year for me was the way this film came across. Firstly, lets address the “War” element of the film. It’s phenomenally done. The opening scene in the plane prior to the parachute jump is literally breathtaking. I felt like I hadn’t taken a breath in about 7 minutes by the time that scene was over. It felt real and horrific all in one. It had a sense of realism I haven’t felt since that opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.

The war story continued with the small band of soldiers in behind enemy lines, attempting to take down a radio tower. There’s some genuinely tense moments when Pilou Asbæk’s “Wafner” is searching house to house for the hidden soldiers. It threw me back to THAT scene in Inglorious Basterds.

There’s many elements of the war scenes that are just so well done, I actually started thinking that the trailer has been misleading us.

But when the “Zombie” part of this Zombie Nazi movie began to kick in, I found it actually all fit into the story really well. They never massively overplayed it, and the effects were all on point. Physical effects were actually used rather than CGI in most of the parts, something that is to be truly admired in this day in age.

For me, J.J. Abrams absolutely nailed the whole film. Really well put together, fantastic acting, from serious to the comedy moments that broke up the story nicely, to everything in between.

Also, there’s one scene where someone is running towards the camera in a prolonged shot, with loads of things going on around him, that is simply stunning and a joy to behold.

Don’t let this film pass you by…it won’t be on at the cinema for much longer.


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