Fantastic Beasts : The Crimes of Grindelwald – Film #100

True Crime or Criminal Act?


The Wizarding World is back with avengeance.

Following on from the first FB movie, we find Newt Scamander banned from travelling abroad after his antics in New York…and very early on, we find Grindelwald escaping prison, and ready to set his evil deeds upon the Muggle world….but first he needs to find a man who can help him.

At the same time, Albus Dumbledore (remember him?) sets Newt on a mission to stop him.

FB2 is a good film. There’s some ridiculously good and elaborate setpieces as well as some phenomenal special effects from the very beginning to the end.

The slight problem I have with it though is that there’s so much exposition throughout that it gets a little bit “eye-rolling-ly” repetitive, but I can see beyond that.

It’s the second in the series, so very much like Two Towers, Empire Strikes Back, and Rocky 2 – we all enjoy them but they aint the best in the series….OK, Empire is….haha

But this suffers from that “lets set up the rest of the series” moment where it needs to bridge a gap between the fun of the first movie and what is yet to come down the line.

Still, its fun and there’s some amazing moments where it links into the Potter movies so well…keep your eyes peeled for all the little nuggets and gems of nods to the future years.

Eddie Redmayne is great, and I am actually pretty impressed by Jude Law as Dumbledore…having never been a massive fan of his work before, and initially worrying he wasn’t the right person to play such an iconic character, he put me at ease pretty early and I think he’ll be great going forward.

Solid, but not the best in the series so far


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