Widows – Film #97

Hot Heist or Cold Prison Walls? Widows-Poster-Header_1050_591_81_s_c1

I have always loved a decent Heist caper, despite not having seen many of the classics from yesteryear. The most recent heist films I can remember were the Oceans movies, and this year’s American Animals. Both showing great scenes of heists being pulled off, one with slickness and a certain debonair charm, the other with an air of bumbling and stumbling luck.

So here is another movie billed as a heist film. But when it’s a heist movie not a heist movie? When the actual planning and attempt at streaming anything is such a small part of the story. .. And that’s what happens with Widows

Firstly, Viola Davis is great as the lead. Her flawed confidence with that underlying hint of tragedy and hurt comes across great.

The problem however comes from the story itself. What you have is a very slow paced drama, filled with political out cries and racially motivated actions. You have 4 grieving Widows who are all coming together to hopefully set themselves up for life.

Because of this though, and some of the actions through the latter parts of the film, I struggled to find sympathy or compassion for most of the group,with the exception of Elizabeth Debicki’s Alice who struggles to make real life work after being trapped in a violent relationship previously and not being able to piece her life back together enough.

Adapted from the Lynda La Plant novel which some may remember had a UK TV adaptation done previously, this version feels very much like a low budget TV movie which could have been about half an hour shorter and not lost anything from it.

Not necessarily one you need to rush out to see at the cinema but catch it when it hits TV or Netflix eventually.


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