Assassination Nation – Film #96

Top hacking, or hacked off?


Well…what a film this was!

I ask that you all go and see this when it comes out…it’s great.

We were at a preview tonight and I am so glad I caught it.

It’s the story of a whole town literally going to shit when a hacker starts to release texts and photos of people in the town, destroying lives and turning the residents on each other. It starts with the Mayor, then moves onto the school with everyone having their intimate conversations relayed to everyone.

It’s gritty and gory. Its also perverse in a sexual and gory sense. There’s a LOT of talk about sex…an insane amount. Its open and crude and definitely earns it’s 18 certificate. In fact in the very early stages of the film, it flashes up all the things that are about to be shown in a quick list…you know what kind of ride you are along for.

Once everything goes crazy, and it seriously does do so, everything is fair game.

What you have is a sadistic mashup of The Purge, and a well written Black Mirror episode, swiping at modern technology and how easily it can ruin lives and expose people if a hack like this happened. It feels very real, and the fact they reference Russia, and then even the President gets a mention, you feel like you’re only one step away from real life.

There’s one scene which was incredible too, with a camera panning around the outside of a house, showing all the events in all the different rooms in a really clever scene which is better to see to understand.


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