The Evil Dead – Film #92

Evil or just old?


Back in cinema for Halloween only…The Evil Dead is a film I have never seen…until tonight.

I loved it.

So I have seen Army Of Darkness so I knew where its roots lay…but to finally see it all was a great treat. The film was great fun. Gory as hell, in an era when Splatter Horror was the norm.

To see some of the practical special effects brought to life on screen was great. It just shows that low budget doesnt mean you can’t make great movies.

Some of the techniques used which have pioneered films that followed it are clear to see. The sense of impending doom of something coming for the guys in the cabin, with the low hanging camera shots, sweeping across the forest way. You feel like you’re on a journey of discovery with the evil presence, effectively stalking the main character.

Groovy Baby

Very enjoyable, but lets face it…its not the best film ever


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