Mirai – Film #93

Anime, or Ani-may-not?


Every now and then, I do enjoy a foreign language film. It started initially with watching Japanese Horror, but progressed into the odd Polish film, Korean, French and even more recently Tamil.

Anime has never felt like it was “my thing” until I was given a few to watch recently. As I had watched the likes of “Your Name” and “Hal” it was time to take a trip to the cinema for an Anime movie.

Mirai was that offering, and I was very pleasantly surprised.

Its the story of a young boy called Kun whose world is rocked by the arrival of a baby sister called Mirai. His working-from-home Architect Dad and struggling-to-cope Mum dote on the little one, making Kun feel like he is being pushed out.

One day whilst walking through the garden in the middle of his house, he is transported through time, meeting a human representation of his dog and the Future Mirai. Through various interactions, Kun finds a way to grow closer to his sister and his family in general.

This film is funny…very funny, which is an odd one for some people to grasp that a subtitled movie can be laugh out loud funny, but this absolutely manages it.

The animation is beautiful, from scrolling city-scapes, to the enclosed rooms in the house Kun finds himself trapped in.

The film deals with a lot of themes from family to fate. Whilst it’s not as emotionally charged as the two previous anime movies I had watched, it was still great.


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