The Little Stranger – Film #80

Stranger, or too strange?


Title – The Little Stranger
Certificate – 12A
Director – Lenny Abrahamson
Writers – Lucinda Coxon & Sarah Waters (Novel)
Cast – Domhnall Gleeson (Faraday), Ruth Wilson (Caroline Ayres), Will Poulter (Roderick Ayres) & Charlotte Rampling (Mrs Ayres)
Plot – After a doctor is called to visit a crumbling manor, strange things begin to occur.

This is a film to keep you guessing and keep your mind ticking over even after you have left the cinema.

It’s the story of Faraday, a doctor in the early 20th Century who comes back to a big house he visited when he was a boy (his mother worked there), to see to a sick girl. It soon becomes apparent though that the girl is not sick and is just petrified about something in the house.

You also have Will Poulter putting in a great shift as the war-scarred Roderick who shies away from public life, ashamed of his scarring. He plays the character really well, with an edginess that he has pulled off in roles before. When he begins to talk about something in the house that hates them all, it actually makes you sit up and think about what is going on.

This is not a horror film.

So if you have seen any of the trailers, and indeed read the bit I have already typed, you could be easily fooled into thinking that this was an out-and-out horror flick, but you would be wrong. The main focus of the film is the relationship between Faraday and Caroline, how they are drawn closer, whilst also struggling to find the common ground to start from.

There’s an eerie air over the entire film, like there’s something always there. You see odd moments of blurry camerawork in certain points and shots which just make you feel a little on edge, without ever tipping you into fear itself.

I enjoyed it. It’s pretty slow paced, but with that constant tension overriding everything, you feel you’re never too far away from a small moment of madness, something which Charlotte Rampling’s Mrs Ayres suffers greatly.

Enjoyable, but not necessarily one you need to rush to the cinema to see.


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