Tully – Film #36

Ah, the delights of motherhood


Tully is a “Quirky” tale (you will see why I quoted that when you watch it) of motherhood and the stresses of childen.

Charlize Theron plays Marlo, a mother who get very little help from her husband Drew (Ron Livingston). She is having to bring up two children, one of whom is a little difficult and is having problems at school…and with Marlo pregnant again, things aren’t going too well.

When Marlo chats to her rich brother Craig (Mark Duplass), he talks highly of his child’s nanny and how it helped them. He then announces that he will pay for a Night Nanny for Marlo to help her out with the upcoming baby.

Intially she refuses, but after the baby is born and everything builds up to a crescendo, Marlo gives in and calls the Nanny.

Enter Tully, played by Mackenzie Davis. She’s a free-spirited youngster who reminds Marlo of herself before she succumbed to marriage and motherhood. She takes over the night duties of the child. Marlo isn’t sure about it at first but when she realises she’s having an amazing night’s sleep and getting her life in order, she sees the benefits.

What you get in Tully is some amazing performances. Charlize Theron is absolutely spot on. She piled on 50lb in weight for the role, and her depiction of a struggling mother who is being put upon and can’t get a break is nothing short of brilliant. It contrasts really well with the Tully character and together they world really well.

Its very funny in places, but with a serious tone of reality.

A surprising gem of a film


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