The Strangers: Prey At Night – Film #35

Brace yourselves…this is going to be brutal…..


The tagline, as you can see from the poster above is “If you’re lucky, you die first”…it should say “If you’re lucky, you won’t have to sit through this nonsense!”

Painful is the best way to describe this film. In fact, when a film’s soundtrack is infinitely better than the actual film itself, there’s something fundamentally wrong.

There’s the most minimal amount of story possible. Some weak tip-offs to a daughter who is troubled and apparently wanted to play baseball as a kid, her brother who plays baseball….and two parents with zero back story whatsoever!

You have horribly put together set-pieces. There’s one point where the girl (Bailee Madison with the most annoying “Cry” I have ever heard on screen) is running away from a truck…and, in full view of the truck, hides in a small tunnel in a playground. This is the horror film equivalent of a two year old playing “Peek-a-Boo”, hiding behind their hands thinking they can’t be seen.

This isn’t the only annoyance. There’s moments where the family have chance to easily kill the bad guys…but just don’t…it makes zero sense.

I don’t think I have ever rolled my eyes as much as I did throughout this film. The acting is terrible, the decision making of any of the characters in any situation is shockingly bad…oh and there’s the moment where the girl jumps off a roof to behind a building…and you can obviously see the actress is laid about ten metres further back than she would have been to allow the stunt woman do do the jump. I know this is pedantic, but it just adds to the cheapness and amateurness of the entire scene.

Giving this a 1/5…and it’s only getting that 1 because it has a decent soundtrack!

Don’t waste your time!

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