Peter Rabbit – Movie Review


Peter Rabbit makes his big screen debut in the new self-titled Live Action (with some animation obviously) film. Adapted from the Beatrix Potter books, this film captures the feel of the source material well.

We see the story of Peter Rabbit (Voiced by James Corden) and his friends battling with Mr McGregor, the neighbour who hates all animals.

And that’s the entirety of the story. It’s not a stretch, but it’s a kid’s film, despite us seeing two deaths in the opening half hour, and the much raised issue of the EpiPen where people have been complaining that it’s not an issue that should be used for comedy purposes.

Personally, I loved the film. I thought it was very funny in places. James Corden’s delivery of the lines was perfect and some of the smaller characters, such as the Rooster JW Rooster II who has some amazing lines that literally had me laughing out loud.

My issue with the film though…was that Peter Rabbit is a bit of a dick! When Domhnall Gleeson’s Mr McGregor begins to fall for Rose Byrne’s Bea, I genuinely wanted the bad guy to come out on top. He seemed likeable in the grand scheme of things…and when you think about it, he walks into his house to see if overrun with rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs etc……..I think anyone would be wanting to get rid of them! Factor into this that Peter Rabbit just completely takes it upon himself to terrorise him for no actual reason, even as far as inducing an anaphylactic shock, and electrocuting him repeatedly.

I found I felt sorry for Mr Mcgregor!

But that aside, it’s a great laugh. There’s obviously loads of slapstick for the kids, my little one stayed seated throughout and loved it. There’s also plenty in there for adults to laugh at too.

Gleeson and Byrne are fantastic in role, making the film feel unbelievably English (despite being filmed in New Zealand).

Rating : 7/10

Will definitely see myself watching this again!

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