The 100 Movie Challenge 2018

2018 – a year filled with some amazing looking, and some not so great, films.


I have a Cineworld Unlimited Card…which means I can see as many films as I want in the year. For a film fan, this is amazing…and something I am going to abuse like crazy.

So the challenge was originally laid down by my friend Yvonne who said that she wanted me to see 52 films in the year…one a week…but as I started my journey in 2018, I realised that I was going to be able to smash that 52 target in no time!

So I altered the target myself…and #100MoviesChallenge2018 was born.

So far, I am well on the way…


19 films down in 2 and a half months. On current form, that will be 89 in the year…but with a few coming in quick succession in the next couple of weeks, that should rise a little.

Looking forward to the challenge!

Follow along on Twitter #100MoviesChallenge2018


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