Molly’s Game


Based on the book of the same name, “Molly’s Game” is the true story of the life of Molly Bloom, a young Olympic skiing prospect, turned High-Stakes Poker Game Host, turned government target.

Molly, a beautiful young woman (played by Jessica Chastain) has a decent upbringing. She is close to achieving an Olympic dream when an accident pushes her away from the sport of mogul skiing and into a low budget existance before falling into a business run by Dean Keith, who also runs an underground Poker ring which he ropes Molly into hosting.

From there, Molly takes to the business like a Gambling addict with a stackful of chips and a favourable flop on the table. She is rubbing shoulders with A-List celebrities from Actors to sportsmen and holding her own in a world dominated by money and greed.

Early on in the film we see Molly’s house being raided in the middle of the night and her being indicted for running illegal games and making money from it. She explains she hasn’t been in the game for two years but has to find a lawyer pretty sharpish.

In steps Idris Elba’s spot on portrayal of Lawyer Charlie Jaffrey. He runs a tight ship and has his qualms about supporting Molly before being won over.

But it’s Chastain’s portrayal of Molly that carries the film. She looks amazing on screen, encompassing the high-class game she is involved in, whilst always remaining innocent too.

It’s hard to believe that all this happened in real life. I have not yet read the book but it is definitely on my list of “Must-reads” to get a deeper understanding of what happened.

I saw this film as part of Cineworld’s Unlimited Secret Screenings. The film is not released in the UK until January 1st but this preview screening was a great way to see a fantastic film in advance.

Check out the trailer here :

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