From Chunk To Hunk : The Final FatBust

This is it now. I’ve messed around with it for long enough…the change has happened and will continue to happen!

So around 9 weeks ago, I ended up in Hospital. I was getting chest pains again and ended up taking a little trip in an Ambulance after waking up in the morning with tightness and pains etc.

It was whilst I was in the LGI, despite being told there was nothing wrong with my heart, that I decided that I was going hard on this from now on.

I went back to Slimming World that same week. I signed up, paid for a 6 week countdown (you pay for 5 weeks and get a 6th free) and vowed to never look back.

Getting on the scales and seeing I was tipping them at a mighty 25st 6lb (356lbs or 161.5kg for those working in silly money), I knew I wasn’t ever going to see that weight again!

My main inspirations for doing this is not just to stop myself getting stupid chest pains…but it’s for my daughter. I look at her, and run around after her, and I want to be there for her. I don’t want to end up dead before the age of 40 and her to grow up without me. It upsets me to think that’s a possibility and I had to do this not just for myself but for others to.

Now, at the same time as doing Slimming World…I knew I wanted to work towards my “Body Magic” goals. They are simple and broken down into sections :

  • Bronze – 45 minutes of activity (classed as something that raises heart rate and puts you out of breath) per week, split over 3 days, and spread across 4 weeks. Essentially 15 mins three times a week.
  • Silver – 90 minutes of activity per week, split over 3 days, spread across 4 weeks.
  • Gold – 150 minutes of activity per week, split over 5 days, spread across 8 weeks.

Then I saw that I could get corporate discount at the council leisure centres. £25 a month, cancel-able whenever I wanted. I love swimming…so this was the plan.

So…8 weeks in…where am I now?

Here’s my progress :

Total loss 1st 5lb in 8 weeks…


And my swimming times/distances/calories burnt etc (it says Freestyle but it was breast stroke) :



All in all, it’s going in the right direction and long may it continue. There’s a long way to go yet until I get to any kind of target that I need to be at, so gotta just stick with it and not give up. Thoroughly enjoying it too, which makes it a lot easier.

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1 Response to From Chunk To Hunk : The Final FatBust

  1. Ryan says:

    Smashing it mate. Keep it up.

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