The Snowman : Definitely not Walking In The Air

I went into The Snowman expecting a tense thriller with great writing and set pieces and twists and turns aplenty.

What I got was a flat film with zero thrill and beautiful scenery.

But unless you are watching “Norway : A Landscape”, then gorgeous settings are not going to carry you for two hours. 

Lets start with the story. It’s not exactly a masterpiece. In the opening scene we see a short story play out which telegraphs the reason why everything that follows is happening. But then everything that does happen doesn’t actually seem to have any real reason as to why it’s happening. There’s too much randomness as to why the killer is striking and who he is going against, and there’s also zero reasoning behind why he slices body parts up on some, or blasts the heads of others.

Its long and drawn out and could have easily fit inside an hour long episode of CSI : Norway (if that doesn’t exist it should)

…and then we get to this guy…

Michael Bloody Fassbender. Best known for his roles as the robot David in Prometheus, and the Robot Walter in Alien Covenant, and the emotionless Magneto in X Men etc….so when you need a character to again have no emotional range…Fassbender is your man! The image above could have been taken from any single frame of the entire film. He doesn’t change. He is like a male Megan Fox. 

Summary : it’s shit…don’t waste your time!

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