Day 2 : In the Walmart World…

Just climbed onto my massively high bed after a long old day which has been brilliantly uplifting and fun and inspiring again. 

Up and about early doors this morning and down for breakfast. 7am start for us guys…tomorrow is a 4:45am start…yeah!

Our outfit of the day was this cracking Bobby outfit :
Jumped on a bus straight to the Walmart Museum in the Bentonville Square. The square is literally like Hill Valley in Back To The Future. It’s lovely and picturesque. 

We went around the old 5-10 that became the first ever Walmart. It’s now a museum that tells the life story of Sam Walton and the setting up of Walmart and how it boomed massively to become the biggest company in the world. 

When we came out, they were giving out copies of Walmart World, the official Walmart magazine…and I opened it up to see this ugly mug staring back :


We then rocked up to an arcade which we had free reign of. We went on a Laser Tag battle against the Argentinians, I had a Dance-off with Esther on the dance machines and we played another insane game that saw us belting around a small room hitting coloured panels. I was knackered!

After that it was on to the Home Office to have a tour around. It’s great to see our Walmart colleagues in Home Office. Bumped into Josh Tindall who moved from ASDA to Walmart this last year and was my Team Leader for Shareholders last year too. 

We then went and did some shopping at Walmart before heading back for tea and then down to the Bud Walton Arena to see American Authors and Goo Goo Dolls performing in concert. 

I literally did not sit down and danced and clapped the whole way through…part of the reason why my legs and feet now feel like they are on fire. 

Went back to Pomphret Hall and found a T-Shirt buddy called Don who, like myself, has plenty of body to go around. We said we will sort out swapping a load of gear with each other on Thursday. Should be good fun…I’m gonna be coming home dressed like a Mountie!

So tomorrow it’s an early start and there’s going to be lots of fun going on…it’s gonna be a long old day. 

…and it’s highly likely that tomorrow’s blog might get delayed as we are going to be back VERY late. 

See you tomorrow. 

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