Day One : Stepping Out

After all yesterday’s travelling and after a decent night’s sleep it was time to get things underway. 

The morning started at 7am…a relatively late start compared to what’s coming…

I was whisked away along with everyone else who will be part of the International Associates Conference to go see the arena we will be “performing” in on Wednesday. We ran through all the moves and did it a fair few times on stage to get used to positions and everything like that. 

It all went really well, despite forgetting a few steps here and there…but I am sure that all will be fine on Wednesday morning…it should be…it WILL BE!

Met back up with everyone just as a huge storm hit. We were stood underneath a tree at the time. We soon got out from under that. 

Met a few of our International colleagues today too. Started all the pinbadge trading. I even got a Canadian Power Ball. Do you all remember power balls? I love them!

Headed off to the Walmart and the Mall for some shopping. We ended up on a bus late so didnt have time for any shopping at Walmart but we should be back there tomorrow. Bought Althea some Converse. 

Headed off to Crystal Bridges tonight, a museum owned by the Walmart family. There were some really great pieces in there. Some of them really needed to be seen in person to be appreciated, like the woven threads piece. 

Then it was party time. Bit of a buffet and a few drinks…and of course Karaoke. Esther wanted me to do Chico Time again…and not wanting to disappoint, I went for it!!

Everyone was singing and belting out tunes all night. There was a great atmosphere and everyone had fun. 

Early 6:45pm meet tomorrow morning for tours around here, there and everywhere…

Pics to follow when I have a service on my phone that will let me upload them!

A few of us are in a Fitbit challenge too through the week. Today I walked 23637 steps…

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