Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Rollback Coaches

I do love a bit of travelling. I’ve never been the type to moan too much about “Are we there yet?” or “Why are we stood in the queue for another three hours?” so today was a day I was looking forward to.

Today we would be heading from Manchester to Arkansas using almost every mode of transport available! The night is still young I suppose so I might head out to see if I can jump on a boat, a bike and a helicopter just so I have all bases covered.

Team 5 were up bright and early for breakfast before we hopped in Taxis to Manchester airport. We checked in and I managed to bag a window seat…perfect for my GoPro filming plans…

Then it came to bag checking time…foolishly I left a bottle of Aftershave in my bag so they scanned it and chucked it into the Reject pile where they came out with the gloves on ready to go through my bags. It was obviously the aftershave that caused the problem that led to the second problem. They have to re-scan bags, which is fair enough. The woman who had been checking my bags told me to go to the right and it would be rescanned and come back to me if good to go…20 minutes later and there’s still no sign of my bag anywhere…where the hell was it? I managed to speak to one of the security guys who had been frisking people to see what might have turns out the woman had sent my bag down the other side and there it was just sat at the bottom of the conveyor belt waiting for me!

We had a really smooth flight across…with the only turbulence being when the Air Steward told us there was no chicken left and we had to have Cheesy Pasta…and then they ran out of Dr Pepper…”What’s the Worst that could happen?” Well it was happening right there and then at the Plane Arse End that we were sat in!

We arrived in decent time and had a small bit of time to grab a pizza and a root beer in the airport before being whisked onto the internal flight to Northwest Arkansas Airport. It was a much smaller plane but the 2hrs we were in the air allowed me to finish off Sam Walton’s autobiography, which was nice to finish just as we touched down in Bentonville.

We started the chanting, we met a bunch of Walmart colleagues and then we were heading off to the halls we’re staying in at the University of Arkansas…until the coach driver got stuck on a hill and could only make the coach roll backwards and not get it to go forward! Brilliant. We thought we would be stranded…until she realised she just needed to press the accelerator…yeah…exactly!

Checked in and found out I had a room to myself, which is great news…but the beds are insanely high…I’ll get photographic proof on the next blog.

So my GoPro video is currently converting into a proper film which I will share as soon as it’s up and running.

Tomorrow morning its all about Breakfast, then Mall Shopping before an evening at Crystal Bridges Art Gallery

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