8 to go…dancing shoes on

So I might’ve been asked the other day, as part of the Shareholders week, whether I wanted to be part of the on-stage section during the International Associates Convention.

I might’ve been told it would require dancing.

I might’ve said yes.

So today I found myself in the auditorium at work, with 9 others learning a routine that we would be doing on stage during the IAC in just over a week and half time.

The entire routine is hush hush and secret but it’s going to be a lot of fun. We actually learned two dance routines that we will be putting to good use at the event. Its hard not being able to talk about them…but we don’t want to ruin the surprise.

Lets just say, however, that I’m not exactly built for dancing, nor do I have any coordination at all…fundamental basics when you are looking to learn routines.

I will do it…I will nail it and it will be alright on the night…I do thrive under pressure though so hopefully it will all fit into place…just a couple of moments to get right and we’re sorted.

But if you want some real insight into the training for it…here’s a lovely picture of me taken around halfway through the day…feeling the strain :


…and talking of feeling the strain…my knee ain’t half giving me some problems tonight….oh dear!

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