Nine…Competition Time…

Travel tips are an essential way of life. Whether it’s someone suggesting a 4-way adaptors and just one American plug converter or planning how best to roll clothes into rolls to avoid creasing. 

Essential tips are…well, essential to make travelling so much easier. I know there’s mental ones out there where people use their socks to wrap up tshirts and stuff like that. 

But what are your travel tips? What one thing would you pass onto the world in order to make their journeys better and much more efficient?

Is there a way to stop the seat in front of you coming back and invading your space? Is there ways to ensure you never lose a bag at the airport? 

Comment away…the best one might just win a little prize from my trip…

In other news today, a brand new Gameshow was advertising and I did well in the phone interview so fingers crossed for that. Might have to have a little trip to Bristol though a few days after returning from the states for the audition…but needs must, and I ain’t gonna miss out on a chance at big money if it’s available…watch this space!

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