SmashCon & other news

Today in Leeds saw the first ever SmashCon taking place down at the New Dock in Leeds. It was my first ever experience of attending anything like it…and I was pleased that Leeds now had something like this to go to.

Now…I don’t mind dressing up…but the guys who were there today were taking to a whole new level. There were Captain Americas, Deadpool, Poison Ivy, Bane, Bumblebee, Chewbacca and a shedload of Star Wars guys (the Sentinal Squad did a great job all day)

We were also treated to some great local wrestling. In those small federations its all about getting the crowds going with whatever silliness can be mustered up. Its good fun and great for the kids (and the big kids like me) to enjoy.

I met “Holly” from Red Dwarf…Norman Lovett…he was absolutely lovely. A very nice guy who was happy to chat for a while. He signed my photo “Everybody’s dead Dave” which is a cracking quote from the first series of Dwarf.

Plenty of stalls there to peruse too…it was good to pick up a few items.

I managed to get a seat in the Iron Throne, held a massive snake and got attacked by a Zombie…

GREAT TIME! Can’t wait for SMASHCon 2

In other news…I’m all packed now for the trip to Shareholders next week…yup…all packed up and ready to go. 

Also…crazy news from the movie world today…so first up, there’s going to be a Tetris movie…yes…Tetris…what could that possibly be about? It’s a game about placing blocks in a row whilst listening to some horrendously repetitive Russian music.

They’re casting though, I’ve seen that they’re needing someone for the Yellow square and also for the Blue L-Shape but don’t worry if you ain’t been cast yet…I’ve heard there’s lots of parts…………..

…….they have also announced a Fruit Ninja movie…yeah…that game where you literally swipe on your phone/iPad and slice fruit in half…should be a cinematic thrill-ride.

Saying that, I quite enjoyed the Battleships movie and everyone said that would be the worst film ever made!

Anyway…here’s some photos from today…

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