My First Tattoo – The Big Day

It was today. It had been booked in for a few weeks now. Designs had been tweaked etc. Plans were drawn up to start everything off with the Flux Capacitor section of the tattoo. 

At 12 noon I went to my appointment at TattooOakmyst on Dewsbury Road. I met Jerry, a polish fella. He was quite shy but friendly. He led me into a back room and there it was…The Chair!

He explained what would be happening and how he had tweaked the design a little bit to make the Flux Capacitor the top part and the dates below that. this was the new design :

So he measured my arm and stencilled everything up and I was ready to go :

So this was the part I didn’t really know what to expect. I had heard horror stories. People fainting, bleeding everywhere, screaming in agony…Jerry did the first bit to make sure I was OK with it…and it was fine. Not an unpleasant feeling at all. I was going to be OK with this. It’s an odd sensation. It’s like being scratched by a needle over and over. But it’s definitely not horrendous. 

So a couple of hours later…I have a Flux Capacitor on my arm…forever! I’m actually really looking forward to going back in a few weeks to get the next part done, as well as a few touch ups on the Capacitor, mainly lines and the  white spark in the middle of it. It’s difficult to get a photo that does it justice as it looks a lot better in the flesh (literally). But here’s the first step in the road to my arm being completed…


Until next time…

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