Batman Vs Superman (Spoiler Free)

Tonight I went to the midnight showing of Batman Vs Superman which was preceded by a showing of Man Of Steel. Both were on IMAX 3D. Beautiful!

I’m a huge Superman fan so was really looking forward to half of this movie. I am a Batman fan too…but not as much…and Ben Affleck as Batman…time would tell. 

So the story picks up basically where Man Of Steel ended. Superman and Zod destroying everywhere during their huge battle. But this time we find out that the Wayne Enterprises building gets trashed killing tonnes of Bruce Wayne’s friends. 

Cue the aggro towards Super!

Then what we have is two hours of story and action. Some of which is perfect, and some of which seems to continuously miss the mark. 

For some odd reason, Bruce Wayne is plagued by bad dreams. Dreams with really stupid scenarios which had nothing to do with the plot at all. 

Lex Luthor keeps popping up but eventually ends up as just a very small bit part with a few funny lines. 

There’s plenty in there for everyone, but there’s a lot missing too and it feels like the plot skips from one bit to another in a really odd pace. 

Oh and who knew that both Superman and Batman had mothers called Martha?? I won’t mention how that becomes an important point…!

Henry Cavill exceeds as Superman, Ben Affleck plays Bruce Wayne well but just lacks something when in the suit. There’s a desert scene and the fighting is just so-so. 

There are plenty of cracking scenes though and some great humour (mainly from Lawrence Fishbourne) 

 Make your own mind up

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