My First Tattoo – the night before

So here’s the deal…I’ve fancied a tattoo for a while now. I’ve always said I fancied something fun and things that I like. I’m not bothered about fancy squiggles or random flowers. If I am getting anything I am going down the route of my favourite movies or something like that.

I started playing about with designs a few weeks ago and got in touch with a local tattooist that I know has done some decent work on a friend of mine. He had some great stuff on his internet page too and it was typically in the style that I fancy…so why not.

I’ve always been a big Back To The Future fan…yes I even watched all three films back to back last October on Back To The Future day and I’ve always been intrigued by the time circuits.

So my design started off as wanting the dates. I have picked my late Grandad’s birthday as one of the dates, my birthday as another, and Althea’s birthday as the third date.

This is what it would look like.

Then I started getting a bit elaborate. What if it was a full half an arm etc….so I googled a few things and the tattoo artist at Oakmyst Tattoo on Dewsbury Road, Leeds and he whacked together what I wanted (these are different dates to the ones above and will be changed) :

So that’s what I’m getting!

First session tomorrow will be the Flux Capacitor part.

Am I nervous? A little. It’s my first ever time under the needle so I’m not really sure what to expect pain-wise.

Am I excited? You bet I am. I’m really looking forward to it and seeing the final product.

Will I regret it? No way. Three meaningful dates, a great design and hopefully an awesome tattoo.

Have I hid a mid-life crisis? Probably.

Will this be the start of getting loads? Possibly…

I’ll update tomorrow and give my opinion on the pain…!

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