Walmart Associates Week – Day 2

Monday morning and a mixed bag today. 

Up and down from breakfast around 8:30 before hopping on a coach to the shopping mall. Had a bit of a search around and picked up lots of Disney stuff for Althea. 

We then visited a Walmart (which was absolutely HUGE) and a Sams Club (think Costco) to experience how the company operates over here. 

This evening it was then a visit to the beautiful Crystal Lakes Art Gallery where we saw a Picasso and a Van Gogh as well as a Dali which looked like he’d been Photobombed! The night was all about celebrating ASDA’s 50th anniversary in style. We even had a video message from Simon Cowell and Professor Stephen Hawkins wishing us happy birthday! We had a DJ and Karaoke and…well…you know me…I just had to perform a bit of Chico Time in front of all the ASDA Execs….!

Everyone had an awesome time. Each group got up and put in a big performance after our group started it all with Everybody Get Up by 5ive!

Just found out it’s a 5:45 start tomorrow so up at 5am! Eek! 


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