Walmart Associates Week – Day 1

I’ve always been proud of every company I have worked for over the years. From the days of the family-run Baldwins, through Connaught and Phoenix I’ve always enjoyed my job….but in November/December 2013 I made a decision that I would never regret. I went for a job at ASDA in their Home Office. I’d been a long-time knocker of “big corporations” and used to rub my wife about her job at First Direct all the time…but here I was stepping into the Walmart family for the first time. 

I instantly loved the job (well after a first day thinking I had made a massive mistake and was completely out of my depth) and fit into the role really well. 

Then I found myself also taking an active role in the fun side of the Finance team, organising games and events and getting people involved. Following on from that I was elected into the Finance Colleague Voice team where I can be a “man of the people” in the department. 

So the next step was to put my name down for “Associates Week” or “Shareholders” week out in the States. I heard a few things about it before I put myself forward but I wanted to experience it myself. 

Luckily I was picked to come. 

So here I am now, on a Sunday night (Central US Time [GMT -6]) after getting up at 3am UK time, picking up Phil, another colleague from ASDA, heading to Manchester, meeting up with my group, hopping on a plane from Manchester to Chicago, experiencing mental turbulence for half an hour halfway through, chowing down a Chicago style pizza and having my first Root Beer of the trip, flying from Chicago to Arkansas, using Wi-Fi in-flight, arriving at Pomfret Hall at the University Of Arkansas, swapping tonnes of badges with Brazilians, Chileans, Japanese, Argentinians, and dancing with them all to some funky music and now laying in bed after being the last man standing……Wow! It’s gonna be a cracking week! 


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