WWE – A New Era

The WWE has changed.

For better or for worse remains to be seen, but it cannot be denied that the direction in which the company is moving is a whole new one. 

Lets take a look back at Wrestlemania. The biggest talking point of the entire show was when Brock Lesnar finally ended The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak by pinning the Deadman in the middle of the ring completely clean. It was a shock. The whole wrestling world was rocked by the ending of a streak which has lasted 23 years and 21 wins (he didn’t take part in Wrestlemania 10 & 16). No-one thought it would actually drop at the hands of part-time-Superstar Lesnar…but alas, it did. The rumour going around is that Taker wanted to drop the streak to Brock years ago and now he’s got his wish. I was watching the whole event in a bar in Leeds and I have to say that I broke down and cried! I have always been an Undertaker fan and it felt like everything had been ripped out.

But fast-forward 24 hours and after taking a step back from it all, and watching Monday Night Raw, it was clear that the WWE has turned a corner.

NXT, the development side of WWE has moved into the foreground of the business in a big way. Daniel Bryan is the champion, Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper are part of the biggest and most exciting faction ever to have been seen in the company, Wade Barrett is loved by everyone, Bo Dallas and Adam Rose had big promos on Raw, Cesaro won the inaugural Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale at Mania before pulling off Raw’s biggest shock by announcing he was a Paul Heyman guy, and to top it all off, Paige has come up from NXT to debut and win the Divas championship.

The future is clearly where the WWE are looking. Their developmental facility is absolutely amazing, and it was the vision of Triple H that made it all possible. He saw the opportunity to hone talent and progress them through into  the main company and that kind of foresight has now moved the WWE into a brand new and exciting world. It all feels fresh and fun. The likes of Randy Orton & Batista were reduced to a pointless tag-team match. I, for one, am excited.

Oh…and The Undertaker wasn’t on Raw…but we’ve all forgotten that now…haven’t we?

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