Let the nesting commence

It’s nearly baby time.

Yup, we’re now less than 6 weeks away from our due date of 7th November, when Baby Woollin will be welcomed into the world. So far, we know that the little one will be a little girl…something which was only confirmed to us at the scan we had today…it’s been a funny little story.

Back on Week 16, we went for a private gender scan. We paid £85-ish to be told we were having a girl…but that was only after about twenty minuted of searching around, then ten minutes of my wife having to go for a walk as well as drinking an ice-cold drink and eating some chocolate…then baby W decided it was OK for the sonographer to see what she was…and we were told we would be having a daughter.

Every NHS scan we’ve been to since have never been able to tell us though. Either she was turning away, or had her hands covering herself up. I guess, in a strange way, I want my daughter to be modest about flashing her bits at all and sundry…but there was always a little bit of doubt whether we needed to trade in all the pink for blue…but thankfully, today they said IT was definitely a SHE.

Oh, and she’s weighing in already at a nice plump 5lb 11oz! Yup indeed…she’s got her daddy’s figure 🙂

So back to the title of this blog….nesting…this weekend that certainly commenced. Now, anyone who knows me will know that my DIY skills are on par with Mr Bean’s, and I do about as much cleaning as Jim Royle…so I would invite you all to take a seat and wonder at a changed man.

This weekend I :

  • Cleared the rubbish from the car
  • Dusted and polished the interior of the car
  • Cleared out the boot of the car
  • Fixed a drawer in the kitchen that had fallen off
  • Refixed another kitchen panel under the sink which had fallen
  • Emptied out the cupboards
  • Cleaned all the cupboards
  • Bought new plates, cutlery etc
  • Cleaned out all the drawers
  • Threw away items we no longer needed/used in the cupboards
  • Washed the kitchen floor.
  • Washed all the tiling in the kitchen
  • Fitted a new Fridge/Freezer

Basically my “Man Status” just got a 10 point boost.

Current statistics : Man Status = 3.5

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1 Response to Let the nesting commence

  1. Helen says:

    Phee was the same way… she hated being bothered for an ultrasound. 🙂

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