051/2014 : David Thorne

As happens around once every six months, one of David Thorne’s comedy email chains starts doing the rounds on the internet…and it gets me quite mad. Usually there’s a link to a “Viral Funnies” type website with no actual link back to David Thorne’s website…and it’s a shame because some of the stuff on his website is the funniest stuff I have ever seen online.

His website is : www.27bslash6.com/ and you just have to read through some of the articles to have one hell of a laugh.

My personal recommendations are

“Missing Missy” – David is asked to create a poster for a missing cat…what follows is hilarious.
“Justin’s Floodlight” – The guy who lives opposite David has a floodlight that “burns with the light of a thousand suns”
“Dear Neighbour, you are not invited to my party” – David’s neighbour is having a party and warns David…David takes the note as an invitation to go to the party…hilarity ensues!

Basically, just go to his site and read it. Accept no imitations!

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