056/2014 : The Raw after the Chamber

As I talked about yesterday, I really enjoyed the Elimination Chamber PPV but the Raw the following night has something a little special to greet you all with. Yes…Hulk Hogan is back.

He opened the show to a fantastic reception an announced his part in Mania as host.

But the Raw fun didn’t stop there. Cena vs the Wyatts was well and truly set up.

Daniel Bryan called out HHH for a one-on-one match at Mania after beating Kane.

Batista vs Orton is still dragging and the fans don’t care…

…but then Brock Lesnar was in-ring moaning about his open contract and his match at Mania…then the lights went out and out came The Undertaker! Yes! He’s back and they set up a match at Mania by Taker putting Brock through a table. That should be a good one and should be 22-0…but ya never know with WWE!

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1 Response to 056/2014 : The Raw after the Chamber

  1. yesmovement says:

    At the minute you do know with the WWE. Taker will win, Cena isn’t injured and they will probably bore us for some time with Orton v Batista.

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