002/2014 : Buy the book…

First stages in the two resolutions I set up went into operation today.

First up, a good big-shop after work to get tonnes of healthy food to kickstart the healthy eating and get some weight shifted ASAP. Elle is gonna do plenty of batch cooking to make things a little easier.

Secondly, I bought this today for the Kindle :


I have had a read through it and it seems pretty straight forward…😐. I’ll be playing like a professional in no-time…oh…wait…I ain’t got a guitar yet.

Put some feelers out for anyone with an old one on Facebook. Also found a guy selling on on Gumtree over in Rothwell for £25. Could be a winner. Elle has apparently listed it at work too to see if anyone has one that needs a good home…watch this space!

Finally got around to watching Episode 1 Season 1 of “Sons Of Anarchy” tonight. Lawlor & Euan keep telling me that I HAVE to watch it and we finally bit the bullet and got the first episode viewed…and you know what…It was pretty awesome. I am looking forward to watching more of them….plenty of episodes to go at!

Crooksy had started a blog. Check it out by clicking here

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