001/2014 : The new chapter

Here we are. 2014 has been joyously celebrated…and by some, the affects are still being felt.

Welcome to the new year!

So a whole year ago I said “I know what’d be a cracking idea…do a daily blog…stick with it”. Some said I wouldn’t keep up to it, and I have to admit there has been a few occasions where I did miss and had to recap…but they all got there…

So here we go again with this new year to aim for.

We saw the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 with Elle’s family down in Old Colwyn at Huw & Sandra’s house. There were lots of is there. John & Jo and Cait, Amy, Tom & Seren, Sandra & Huw, Gareth & Kirsty, Sharron & Chico, Steffan & Noa, Jean, Paul & Ffion and Alfie & Archie.

We had a really good laugh. We played a drinking game quiz which quickly descended and a few rounds of Family Fortunes before the Jaeger bombs came out! I went through a fair few ales. Nicely done! Nicely done!

We also had a few fireworks to add to the collection that were going off around Colwyn…we videoed the Doctor Thrust firework doing his thing…

The Thrust needed to thrust a bit higher to be fair. We almost all got singed eyebrows!

So 2014 and new resolutions….

Firstly the obligatory health kick is needed. Goes without saying and we’ll be going shopping for only nice food.

Also….I REALLY wanna learn how to play guitar…we’ll see how that goes…!

Happy New Year everyone and let’s hope it’s a great one for you all!


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