The Railway Children? Dream

Ok, I’m writing this down as the dream I just had was vivid and u don’t know whether it’s a potential work of genius or what.

So the setting is very much like the Railway Children (although I know absolutely nothing about what The Railway Children is about nor what happens in it).

Opening shot if the dream a woman is walking alongside the engine of a stationary steam train. Her daughter of about 5/6 years old is dancing around in front, running on and off the tracks. For some reason I am providing a VoiceOver where I say (in a typically broad Yorkshire accent) :

Times were different back then. Back in the days of the engines. But look at ‘er. I wouldn’t bi lettin’ mi’ kid run on track like that!

Then we cut to a shot of three kids alongside the tracks. One young girl is about 6 and may be the same one we saw running on the tracks earlier. She’s stood up dancing around the other two. The next oldest is a girl of around 15. The other is an older lad of around 20. This one is me!

I lean across to the eldest girl and say (again in Yorkshire) :

Of course there’s things we can talk about that we can’t let her hear (nodding to the youngest) but you just be careful and if some lad don’t treat ya reight, you come an’ tell ya big brother won’t ya?

I then look around and say to the other two “I haven’t even read the script for this so I have no idea what I’m meant to be saying” but no-one stops me so I guess whoever is filming is happy with my portrayal of the character.

Scene cuts to a factory.

We go inside and an older woman is coming out of the main office with a huge pie in her hands. A typically homemade pie like the type you see in cartoons or period dramas. It’s huge. It looks like my character is working at the factory. Me and a few of the lads are messing about when a delivery is obviously arriving. We head off to the truck where a couple of Cockney delivery drivers have turned up. One of the drivers is played by none other than Olly Murs.

Now Olly Murs seems to be everywhere lately but I have a little but of a fondness for him in that he was a contestant on Deal Or No Deal about a year after I was…so I feel like we have some sort of link!

Olly is being very typically and stereotypically cockney coming out with rhyming slang etc as we unload the stuff from the truck. It then dawns on me that clearly Olly’s character is there to sweep my eldest sister character off her feet.

“so you been around my sister have ya?” I said. Olly just looked at me as just said “No mate, just arrived with these ain’t i?”

“Wanted to kiss her have ya?” I said again but before Olly can answer we all end up near the front entrance ad an announcement is made that some of us are going to be laid off. I think the older woman with the pie has already been laid off and the pie was her severance package from the owner’s wife.

Then for some reason I say to her “tha wants to get tha pie home quick love. If Mrs Wilkins has made it it’ll be fresher than the mooing cow that’s been chopped up and chucked in there. Gas mark 9, 45 minutes, run along” to which the woman starts crying, picks up the pie and scurries out of the factory.

Then I woke up.

So there you go. A very odd little dream that was very vivid, so if anyone fancies working on a script with me…I’m all ears. And if Olly Murs fancies reprising his role as Cockney delivery man, it would be much appreciated.

What do you think?

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