Page 350/365 : Show Me The Telly

Today was the day that Show Me The Telly was shown on ITV1.

Back in October we recorded the show over in Manchester and today was it’s first showing.

Steve, Lawlor and myself took on Chris Tarrant, Denise Van Outen and Andi Peters in a battle of TV knowledge in the hope of winning £3k.

The show itself was fun, and the whole experience of being in the studios and having a laugh with the celebs was brilliant. Richard Bacon was great, if not a little manic. Chris Tarrant was a gentleman and genuinely funny, Denise Van Outen was lovely and fun, and Andi Peters was a genuinely lovely bloke too. It was all a little odd being on a show with people we had grown up watching on TV every week but when it came to banter in the studio, we gave as good as we got.

Unfortunately, the end result wasn’t the one we wanted. We just literally didn’t have enough time to finish the last round. But the experience of it all was very special and it felt good introducing Lawlor and Steve to the world of TV gameshows.

I’ll continue the search for another Gameshow I can attempt to win on.



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