Page 349/365 : Homeward-bound

Woke up nice and early, fresh from the after effects of the Naga from last night…I knew I’d pay the price for having the hottest one in the shop!

Got ready and headed out into the middle of Llanwrst to see Noa taking part at Church. It was a nice service and Noa was funny, grassing his Mum up to the Rector for telling him to stay quiet.

We then all met up at The Eagle Hotel for a carvery which was spot on…tonnes of meat!!!

Headed back to Leeds about 5. The journey was a little less windy than the inward one yesterday, thankfully. We did see the remains of the fallen tree though.

It has been a really lovely weekend down in Wales, seeing Elle’s grandma and aunties. Noa & Steffan were on fine form as always and all were very welcoming. Next time though, I need a milkshake at The Milk Bar…I’ve heard lots of good things about it…but never had one!

Sam won X Factor. No-one will know who she is next year.

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