Page 351/365 : Wrappin’

It’s that time of year when presents have to be wrapped ready to be handed over on Christmas morning…unfortunately, I am abysmal a wrapping presents…seriously I hate it. I rip the paper, I get bored, I end up leaving open gaps which I had to repair with patchwork wrapping.

Luckily Elle loves it….I hope…so she does it all. Bless her!

I still have to wrap her presents though….I might just stick em all into a box and wrap that! Easy peasy!

One year I wrapped my presents in Newspaper! Now…this may seem like a Scrooge-like way to do it, but some thought went into it! I found a Page 3 with the word “Dad” in one of the headlines, I found a “Mum” headline and some “Sister” headlines. Hey, who says I don’t put some thought into these things.

What’s annoying about wrapping is no-one appreciates it anyway. You might as well just put everything in ASDA carrier bags and hand it over….ooh, now there’s an idea…!

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