Page 288/365 : Cracking day

It’s been a decent day today.

It all started when I woke up early to watch Game 3 in the NLCS where the Dodgers were playing host to the Cardinals after losing the first two in the series.

I was watching a re-run because the game was on at 1am.

And would you believe it…Dodgers won! Finally the offence picked their game up. Ramirez played well with a fractured rib, and Puig finally broke his non-hit streak.

Looking forward to another early start game tomorrow!

Got a phonecall today too. I am going to be appearing on a new Gameshow. But we can’t say much now so shhhhh!

Karen at work bought some Mince Pies at lunch…yes….Mince Pies in October…they were Marks & Spencer ones and it was nice to have some new stock in…


…until we realised they go out of date in two weeks time. Not exactly keepers for Christmas are they???

I also got annihilated at work for my hair being a bit stuck up at one side and they said I looked like the Go Compare man…what do you think?


I have the stupid face on because I am eating a mince pie…can’t have them going out if date now can we….?

Had a 7-match accumulator bet on tonight. They all went in…except Italy who could only draw against Armenia. FFS!

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2 Responses to Page 288/365 : Cracking day

  1. Jackie says:

    Hope its not the new game show with John Barrowman. I will be so jealous – love him!!!!!

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