Page 289/365 : Edging closer

Dodgers tonight. Game 5 in the series. The Dodgers were 3-1 down. This game was vital as one more win for the Cardinals meant that the Dodgers’ season was over…and it all looked to be going the wrong way in the very first innings when Greinke ended up with loaded bases and no outs. I tweeted that if Greinke got out of the innings unscathed, his confidence would grow and we’d win the game…and that’s exactly how it went down.

Dodgers found their Hone run bats and two from A-Gon, one from AJ Ellis and one from Carl Crawford all helped push the Dodgers on towards victory.

There were some scares in there, but non more so than when the Dodgers went into the 9th with a 4 run lead, only for Puig to let a silly catch go to start off a Cards rally which fortunately only led to two runs.

Dodgers trail 3-2 now. Big game on Friday!!!

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