Page 287/365 : Secret Santa

Well it’s October 14th…there’s still no sign of the Coca Cola Christmas Truck rolling it’s way on the X Factor commercials to the tune of “Holidays Are Coming, Holidays Are Coming”, yet today at work we drew out our Secret Santa.

Yup, that yearly tradition where we all draw names out of a hat, then half the people moan about who they have, and half tell each other who they have, is back…and with a long time to go until Christmas…I have plenty of time to buy Ro’a present…or is it Paula’s present…or Nic’s, or Wilson’s, or Trevor’s…or gobby-temp-who-isn’t-a-temp-anymore’a present. Who knows? Just me…but give it a couple of weeks and the necessary rounds of Cluedo to determine that Karen Wilson had the Steel Pipe from Emma Barraclough and everyone will know everyone else’s.

We weren’t allowed our own names if we drew them…but just for the record…£10-worth of silly socks, silly t-shirt, or a wholes bunch of childish stuff is right up my street…so if you got me…I’ll have something silly! I love it.

Right…now to go online shopping for something for my Secret Santa for her who is lucky enough to receive…or is it a him…? Hehe. Mind games. Love it.


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